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I have been home for a few days and have spent a fair amount of time watching TV these days . Something which I don’t usually do when I am not at home. I usually watch re runs of sitcoms on my laptop or scour the internet to find a new TV series I haven’t watched already. The only time I sit in front of a TV is for a live sports broadcast (cricket, football,tennis etc).

What I’ve noticed a few patterns in the last few days in terms of the advertisements aired on Television.

  • Sports channels only show 3 kinds of advertisements : Deodrants , Smartphones, Vehicles (two wheelers, 4 wheelers)
  • The movie channels : Cosmetics(shampoos , creams, facewashes) , Telecom , consumer electronics (All movie channels are synchronized to show ads at the same time , so there’s no escape for you 😀 )
  • The news channels : Mostly their own programs’ ads as fillers 😀 , life insurance policies , mutual funds etc

Now these are not hard and fast and they do mix and match and some overlap is obviously there.

From the plethora of ads I see everyday , I would like to point out a few.


With the general elections coming , I see an entirely new category of ads these days on channels. The UPA and Congress “telling” the people how much they have done for the country in the past 10 years. I searched a lot to find youtube links to these ads but couldn’t find any. But if you have seen these ads even once , you’ll know what I am talking about.

There’s one ad in which its shown that there was no atm in the city 10 years back , to find one you had to go 5 kms outside the city , there used to be no hospitals , no airports and no metro trains , the UPA has done all this “Bharat Nirman” in “just 10 years” . There are 2-3 such ads.

Then theres one ad in which a lady tells you that answer to today’s youths’ problems is practically a no brainer, its the congress leaders.Nobody understands Indian Youth’s issues better. To quote directly from the ad
“Isme koi rocket science nahi hai”

C’mon even INDIA Shining ads had some sort of credibility to it, these ads are just plain laughable.


Panasonic has literally booked every slot of advertisement there is in the current India vs New Zealand one day series . They have made 3 ads with Varun Dhawan. One of them is actually quite good where they emphasize that your phone’s emi is eating into your other “important” expenses. But there is this other ad which goes like this

Mera phone fast hai (1 ghz dual core processor) : Fair enough , fast is relative
Latest Android hai boss (refers to Jelly Bean) : No its not (trust me, as a Nexus owner , I know 😀 )
I can go to a movie, I can go to Goa : Impressive, thumbs up
I can even buy a car : DAFUQ?? what car will you get in in a phone’s emi? one tenth of a Nano?


Micromax “Mad about ads” campaign. I dont know how successful Micromax will be with this new phone and the paying people for watching ads idea, but they have created a very good and to the point campaign to reach out to the people and convey very clearly about what they intend to achieve with this phone. These ads are very well made and even funny at times.


Deodrant Ads: Its like no agency even thinks for a second when someone asks them to create an ad for a deodrant. Its like an age old formula , like they do in Bollywood , only , its worse.

Does an image of topless guy spraying deodrant on his body and hot girls attracted towards him like moth to flame ring any bells for you? Of Course , every damn deodrant from Axe to Denver to shit uses this scenario.I have read stories( I dont know how authentic) that people have actually tried this and then sued the companies because these things didnt work 😀 .

An honorable exception here would be Fogg deodrant, their ad might not be very well thought of , but at least their point of differentiation sticks in your mind.

“Kitna body pe lagaya, kitna gas main gawaya”


Hero Maestro : This ad is an age old example of , Hero ne bol diya to theek hi hoga. For a long time two wheelers like this(scooty,pleasure,activa) have been labled as used by ladies( I have no idea how that started, but it has been positioned like that for a long time) . Now suddenly Hero is trying to change the norm and position this scooter as manly. To achieve that , they haven’t got anything else other than Ranbeer Kapoor saying so. And as far as I am concerned he doesn’t look convincing at all.


PolicyBazaar Ad : I find this ad pretty gross , no complaints other than that. The ad is supposed to make you feel stupid like an “ullu”, instead I feel repulsed by it.

I guess that’s it for now , but I hope to write more posts in this series.

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