[Marathi] Movie Review: TimePass

‘Life madhye love naavaacha timepass paahije’ – says a boy to his friend and the camera zooms on the star – prathamesh parab. Viewers like me, who went crazy over the movie balak palak, instantly decide, ‘Haa timepass movie baghaavaj paahije’. The promo aptly shows the tagline ‘there is no love like the first’.

Marathi cinema, as I keep on repeating in the marathi reviews, has evolved rapidly. Fresh storylines, amazing acting and some really melodious songs – all make the recent marathi releases, a must watch for cinema lovers of any language. This movie evoked high expectations, coming from the director of balak palak and again bringing to viewers the entertainer – prathamesh parab. The guy is born with a face which defines humour. Gaping at the actress with an open mouth, being confused at the shudh marathi thrown at him and dancing his heart out at any occassion – the guy delivers bang on. He reminds you that looks and talent are two different entities, something that bollywood just doesn’t seem to understand. The movie, as is expected, is superbly funny at sometimes. The ‘Sanpada’ joke (balak palak viewers would understand this) is continued here with the lead ‘dagadu’ calling his love ‘parajakta’ throughout the movie. Over to the actress, Ketaki Mategaonkar – this was the first movie, I saw of her. If ‘Dagadu’ is talent, then she is the female form of ‘talent’ or maybe ‘ms.talent’. She can give some acting lessons to most of the Bollywood actresses (we should stop calling them actresses, in my sarcastic opinion) – Katrina, for one. Ketaki emotes like an adult, delivers the dialogues with an amazing spontaneity and so effortlessly, she makes you wonder whether she is actually the shy, timid and meek girl she is playing onscreen. One specific thing I loved about the movie is they kept the locales real – there is a chawl building and a specific footpath where most of the scenes are shot. Even the most romantic songs, have naked poor kids dancing and the hero is seen dancing in mud and over hutments and huge pipes. It makes the story so real and all the more mumbai style.

TimePass Poster

Now for some negatives, the movie could have been a lot more funny. It was not even half as funny as ‘balak palak’ was and infact being a sequel, it was expected to take the humour further. The second half, becomes too serious and a yash raj type tear-fest at some scenes. And there is one thing, that the Marathi movies need to get right very soon, the editing. The movie is a tad too long and should have been shortened by atleast 20-25 minutes.

All in all, it is definitely a watch for marathi cinema lovers. And maybe a skip for non-marathi viewers.

Our rating – 3 out of 5.

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