Book Review: Trade Winds to Meluha [Author Requested]


I had got this book as an e book sometime back as gift from the author himself. Being an ebook and my own lack of an e reading device had kept me from reading this book. I finally got down to reading this book and if i have to describe the book in one line , I’ll say it was an education in history.

The story of the book is set in the ancient world of 2138 B.C . The main protagonist of the story is a boy in his teens named Samsin. Samsin works as a stable boy for a merchant in Babili (Babylon). The story kick starts when Samsin witnesses a murder of a foreigner for which he’s framed and has to flee the city in order to protect himself. He has narrow escapes from death on his quest to run for his life and search for a man named Siwa Saqra , the man who is the center piece of this whole mystery . During the course of his adventures and journey , Samsin also meets Velli and falls in love with her, although that love story doesn’t go down as one would expect .

The one thing that a reader immediately notices from the first chapter itself , is the amount of extensive research gone into writing this novel. For me , story often took a backseat as I read through the elaborate descriptions of the cities and the customs where in the story is set. The travels of Samsin take you from Mesopotamia( Modern day Iraq ) to Bahrain to Meluha . The author has been able to paint a good picture of   life as it was in those times . The author uses a number of archaeological facts and references  in his plot to educate us about those times. He uses the Sumerian language at times which is exactly as one would find in a cuneiform script. He also has elaborately explained about the usage of sealed clay tablets as method to convey information , the bead manufacturing process . There’s also a mention of a legal case that very aptly explains the laws prevalent in those times.There’s a chapter at the end of the book , “How this prehistoric novel was written” which only makes you appreciate the efforts of the author has put into research before getting down to write this book.

The narrative does slow down in parts and at some points you’re just plain confused as to what is happening. The author does manage to explain everything at the end , but the ending is far too convenient and seems rushed, like everything was a part of a jigsaw puzzle and was destined to fit.

Nevertheless , this novel is much more different than the other novels we have with regards to the Indian history in the market . Its well researched and thought out and much more closer to the truth .This book is a definite read if you want to revisit your knowledge and belief of one of the most important civilizations in concerning the Indian history.

Our rating : 4/5

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