The Temple


Standing tall and in majestic white
promising god and a future bright

the temple is the symbol of hope
for depression, a snuff of dope

‘Come in, come all’ it says,
open at nights, open all days

Now to solve your problem,
there is a small fee,
a coconut, some flowers
and maybe a rupee

a long queue waits in lines double,
to see his face, which would end trouble,
hours of shoving and chanting his name,
the heart, begging for fortune and fame

finally, reaching the statue royal,
pundits grabbing all offerings loyal,
barely a second and pushed out again,
a small bruise in hand, a little pain

Outside, vendors offering him on sale,
in form of books, pictures and frames
the next time, you need not spend hours inline,
but buy these and worship in your own time.

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  • Princy Link Reply

    superb… this reminds me of the poems we used to see in our textbooks

  • sayan Link Reply

    Simply Brlliant!!

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