The story of the boy


An orphan left on his own

The boy cried on
The doors won’t open till morning
The mother glanced back
a tear rolled down her eye
The cries pierced her heart
as she bid the final goodbye
The doors at the orphanage opened
A man found the boy under the sun
He gave a wry smile
For him, the day had just begun

The boy grew up like any other
like they do without a mother
The man tried to change their fates
to the best that he could
But manners would always drop first
When there wasn’t even enough food
So they fought over food and water
And someday a boy will get beat
That’s when he leaves the place
A boy has got to eat

So out in the streets
he looks onto the passers by
the hunger in his belly burns
tells him not to be shy
So he learns the tricks of the trade
Sings, pleads, dances on a leg
His innocent face draws much coin
and that’s how a boy starts to beg

Over time, he knows everyone in the city
His best patrons, used to their pity
But the boy grows old yet
and the pity starts to disgust
Why should I eat everything
thrown out in the dust
I should not have to beg
for every damn meal
and that’s how the boy
attempts his very first steal

He gets caught and beaten up
but lives the feeling of thrill
He eventually gets better at it
Nothing was stopping his will

And the boy grows yet to be a man
Stealing seems run of the mill
Bounty hunting seems the order of the day
He goes ahead and claims his first kill
And thus he climbs the ladder
one step at a time
Till he eventually is sitting
atop the building of crime

He had his enemies
and his life was at risk
Death chased him everyday
But his pace was brisk

But eventually death caught up with him
confronting him as an enemy with a gun
Death smiled and smirked and said
“For me, you’re still the boy under the sun”

Death pulled the trigger
and the bullet tread its path
he closed his eyes
and waited for the wrath
But the man woke up
suddenly from his dream
A boy was crying at the door
He had heard him scream

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