The Journey from Hell to Happiness

The Journey from Hell to Happiness
Venue: At the gates of Hell
Date and Time: Unknown
“I want to see God”, demanded Karthik.”I want to see him now”.
“Nobody gets an audience with God just like that my friend; you’ve been damned to hell for the rest of eternity for you have sinned all your life. Even a single act of kindness or any benevolent act might have got you that, but I am sorry to say that you have none, I’ve never seen a beast like you before”, the gatekeeper of hell said.
“Wait!!Wait!!…. I once helped an old man cross a road when I was little”
“Did ya?, well let me check”, replied the gatekeeper.
“Its hard to believe a monster like you ever did that, but it turns out that you are not lying”.
“Well I can just tell God’s office that you have requested an audience with him. Its completely up to him whether he wants to meet you or not”.
The gatekeeper then dialed a no on his phone, an IVRS responded from the other side “You have reached the office of God, please state your name and your purpose for the visit”
“Yeah this is the gatekeeper of hell and I am calling on behalf of Karthik and …..”
“Hey jerk…….what should I state the purpose of the visit”, the gatekeeper asked Karthik.
“I want to question his authority here”, said Karthik.
“You want to what?”.
“Just do what you are told”
“Sure. ..he wants an audience with God to question his authority”, the gatekeeper said getting back to the phone.
The gatekeeper told Karthik the way to the office of God. Karthik followed the directions and reached the office. He was surprised to see the images and statues of Gods of all religions and all countries. Apart from the Gods for the different religions there were statues of Indian, Greek, Egyptian Gods as well.
“God is unique after all”, he thought.
What he saw when he entered the office nearly made him faint.Greeting him was such a long line that he had never seen in his life.
“Welcome Sir, your token no is 945321”
“Come again?”
“Ah cmon I don’t wait for anyone”
“I am afraid you’ll have to, Sir”.
“I’ll die once again before my turn comes”, he thought.
Surprisingly enough, his turn came within an hour.
“Sit down Karthik”, said God.
“How did you deal with all those people in an hour”,asked Karthik astonished.
“This is a special chamber you see, a month spent here is just an hour spent outside”
“Oh yeah right right……….you are God of course, you can do anything and everything”.
“So what do you say we get to the point then. What are you here for?” , asked God.
“I don’t have faith in your system, the system that someone should be punished for his crimes after death or be sent to heaven for his good deeds after death. What about the time on earth when I was committing all those crimes I was so happy, I had no problems, nobody stood in my way, I was rich and powerful.”
“Happy were you really, are you sure?”
“Yes, perfectly”
“So tell me Karthik, when were you most happy? Was it when the girl you loved the most left you when she found out the path you chose? Was it when your parents cried when they saw you being taken to jail for the first time? Was it when your innocent brother was killed in a meaningless gangwar of yours? Or was it when your best friend stabbed you in the back for your throne to send you here? Tell me………when were you most happy?”
“You cant talk me out of this, I was a powerful man, I had the fates of many people in my hands, I was like you, I was the God for many people”
“People feared you Karthik, nothing more, you had no control over their fates”
“Why don’t you punish people like me when we are alive”
“Wasn’t all that happened in your life punishment enough?Anyways I can only show a person the right path only till he has some semblance of me left in his heart, its when he completely surrenders to the evil do I stop helping him”
“But isn’t it your job to make the world a better place”
“I gave a part of my soul to everyone in this world, the soul which warns you of every bad thing, which tells you what is right and wrong which tells you to stop from hurting someone, what more can I do?”
“You are just running away from your job……If I had even 1% of the powers you had the world be such a better place”
“Oh really?cmon Karthik we’ll take a walk”
Together they sailed through the clouds,until God stopped.
“You see that boy down there”
“Yeah I do, anything special about that boy?”
“He is Satish, he is blind, still he is happy. Now you said that if you had 1% of my power the world would be a better place?I will give you 1% of my power for 3 days , can you just make this boy more happy than he already is?”
“And what if I do?”
“I shall release you from hell, don’t get too excited though you wont be going to heaven , you just wont suffer that’s all”.
“That will be great.So 3 days?”
“3 days”.

Day 1
When Satish woke up the next day, he was shocked to see that his vision had been restored. His joy knew no bounds, he went shouting to tell his parents, who were very poor and couldn’t afford the treatment that was required to get his vision back. They were also very happy. Satish and his parents thanked God for their gift.
Karthik was watching all of this.
“Does God really deserve to be God? I mean what was he thinking, the first day has barely started and hes more happy than he was in his whole life until now. I’ll seal the pact in 3 days”, he thought.
The rest of was spent in informing everyone about the good news and everyone was amazed as how the miracle had happened. While his friends were happy of the fact , some kids in the neighborhood rued the fact that they wont have anyone to bully now.

Though Satish’s family was poor but they still organized a small gathering to celebrate this miracle.
Satish went to bed that night feeling happy as he had never felt in his life.

“Hmm.The only other problem other than his vision is that the boy is poor. No probs”, Karthik thought.

Day 2

Next day Satish woke up and he found a briefcase lying next to his bed. Bewildered, he opened it. What he saw was beyond his wildest dreams, cash and lots of cash. He took out the bundles to count the money, but he was in for an even bigger surprise, the bag just wont empty. The money just kept coming out.

As it happens so often that in times of happiness and great pleasure we forget to thank God even though he is responsible for that, and that’s when the evil starts to creep in. Satish had got so much in the past 2 days he had almost started to believe that nothing wrong can happen in his life now.
He and his parents had moved from the small house they had in the town to a big bungalow in the middle of the city. His blind friends had come to congratulate him.

“Go away, all of you, I know none of you are happy with what I’ve got in the past two days, all of you are jealous of me”, said Satish.
“Your vision might certainly have come back Satish, but you’ve been blinded by money and power. May God be with you Satish and may you find happiness in your newfound life and don’t forget if you ever need friends we’ll always be there for you like we’ve always been.”
“Shut up and get out all of you, I don’t have time for you people”
“Vinashkale Vipritbuddhi” , one of the friends murmured.
Satish ignored his friends and went back to admiring the new bungalow he had just bought.All the problems in his life had been solved.These two days had changed his life forever.

Day 3
Next day when Satish woke up, he was expecting another big surprise, but he got none. He was not complaining either, what else could he ask for.

After getting ready he thought he’ll go jogging.He had barely got out when he heard someone talking, he stopped to listen. It was the children in his neighbourhood.
“How does someone get so rich so fast? I ve heard that he was blind , in a day got his vision back and all that money came from nowhere. How?” , one of them said.
“I think he robbed a bank or something when he was blind and when got the money he got treatment for his eyes”, replied another.
“Yeah I think you are right”, agreed the first one.
Satish’s suddenly found himself flashing red with anger.”What stupid theories”, he thought.” I wish they all turn blind, then they should try robbing a bank……better still everyone in their family turns blind even their dads couldn’t think of robbing a bank when they are blind”.
Karthik was listening to all of this.
“Wish granted”, he said.
When Satish came back from his jog, he fell asleep. He woke up in the evening he found that his neighbor Mr Gupta had met a serious accident and he was in the hospital. He immediately went to the hospital to meet him.

“How is he doctor?” , Satish asked the doctor.
“He is out of danger, but I am not able to comprehend how his vision got impaired though there has been no damage to his eyes , its probably the reason for the accident” , replied the doctor.
Satish stood there shocked, unable to think, tears rolling down his eyes.
“What have I done?” , he thought.
Somehow he dragged himself out of the hospital and rushed to a temple.
“God, I donno why you suddenly grown so affectionate of me, giving me all this…… granting all my wishes……….but I don’t want this life anymore, I want my old life back. I humiliated my friends ,I nearly got a man killed, he lost his vision because of me………I cant live on with so much guilt on my conscience………..Please kill me, give my vision to that man, his children need him.I ‘ve been so selfish. God what have I become, please rid me of this miserable life……..”, sobbed Satish.

Karthik was shocked when he saw all this.
“You heard all that son?”, God asked Karthik.
“Yes” , said Karthik.
“So would you say that he was happier 3 days before than he is now?”.
“No Sir”.
“So you got your lesson I guess”
“Yeah I did, but what about Satish ? he didn’t deserve any of this”
“What do you think such pure souls like him would deserve something like this cause of jerks like you? All of what you have done to him in the past 3 days would be undone and his memory modified, he will return to his normal life now.” , said God.
“God I have a last request after that I’ll go to hell and never disturb you again”
“What is that?”
“Could you give me some time with your powers? I want to right the wrongs I’ve done to people” , said Karthik.
“What are you gonna do?Raise people from the dead? Even I cant do that…..But if you really are guilty and want to rectify your mistakes I do have an offer for you”, said God.
“Yeah sure man , anything, I am desperate”
“You’ll be given another chance, you will be reborn in a family that was destroyed by your actions. You will have to face all the difficulties growing up because you are the reason for all those difficulties and you will have to get them a out of those difficulties and bring them a better life when you grow up”
“At least will I have the love of my parents and friends?”
“Of course son, I don’t think you have realized, love is unconditional , and I am not here to take any revenge from you.”
Karthik bowed down and thanked God.
“I’ll never question you authority again Father”


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    nice story..”nvr quesn god’s authority”..and one can b happy depends how he takes life.

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      yeah i agree…..
      you can be happy in any situation……you just need to have a little faith..

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