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When I told Hiral yesterday that I was going to watch Zanjeer today , his immediate response was ,”Oh ** , itna guts”. I laughed it over , I loved the original Zanjeer , and I wanted to keep an open mind before I went to watch the remake , Don and Agneepath turned out well , right?

So the new Zanjeer starts off with an off putting skin showing mindless lyrics song (which was only an indication of things to come) . The first scene is , a corrupt politician is blocking the streets of Hyderabad (of course) and ACP Vijay Khanna arrives at the scene and clears the road in 5 minutes , beating everyone up . That is the most angry he is ever seen in the movie.

Anyways , all this is barely for 5 minutes when another item song starts . Mumbai ki na Dilli walo ki , pinky hai paise walo ki , during which our beloved Priyanka Chopra is seen desperately trying to pull off a Sheela or a Munni. After the song the audience comes to know that all this was a performance by Mala(PC) at the wedding of her facebook friend (yes , very categorically ) who she didn’t even know 3 months back.

On her way back Mala witnesses a murder that is basically the hinge point of the story , a murder which could link Teja(Prakash Raj) to the illegal oil adulteration trade mafia. And the story just limps on from there.

Whats really frustrating to see that they have copied the entire story and the characters , and yet the end result is pathetic.

The Dialogues : The movie is filled with some very ordinary , obvious and pathetic dialogues . Lines like “Is bande main dum hai , ye kuch karega”  , “chicks and chicken , the meows of life ” , or when Vijay is hospitalized , Sher Khan says to the doctor ” Ye mera dost hai , isko kuch nahi hona chahiye , waise bhi aajkal is desh main sher aur dosto ki kami hai ” . The double meaning dialogues are also not left behind  , like when Teja says to Mona ” Mona darling , tum apna muh sirf ek cheez k liye khola karo”. The dialogues writer is so lost for words , he translates english phrases like “the last laugh shouldnt be his” to hindi .

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The Music : The music for any bollywood movie can be good , excellent , boring , loud etc etc. The music for this movie was irritating , plain irritating . Too many songs placed at ridiculous situations where you couldnt even possibly think of a song. These idiots have also destroyed the Legendary “Yaari hai imaan mera” kawwali by attempting a disastrous also ran.

Ye kya comedy movie hai? : I kept asking myself this question throughout the whole movie. I dont know whether the director wanted Prakash Raj to play the role like that or the fact that he cannot play another kind of villain . Prakash Raj’s attempt to bring humour to the villainous role come off as ridiculous at best. On top of that he wears some really gaudy and flashy clothes throughout the movie , which are really an eyesore .

Coming to the performances , its a tale of whos the worst amongst the lot. Ram Charan barely twitches a facial muscle after his first scene .What could be worst , when they film the legendary scene of “Ye police station hai , tumhare baap ka ghar nahi ” and Ram Charan kicks the chair , it doesnt even fall. Priyanka Chopra is desperately trying to ease the tension(yeah i know) during the movie with her less than obvious jokes and stupid facial expressions. Mahie Gill , the less i say the better. Sanjay Dutt as sher khan has minimum screen presence and rarely does ever look interested in playing the role . All he does in the movie is deliver ordinary dialouges in his pathan suits. Atul Kulkarni could be seen as a saving grace to an otherwise confused lot.

To top it off , these morons have used the title track of Casino Royale as the background score for the fight scene in the climax , very blatantly and shamelessly . If you have seen the movie , listen to this track and you’ll know what i am talking about.

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  • melvin

    Thanks bud, I hope your review helps some people save some money. I aint a hindi movie buff but surely enjoyed the oldies like Zanjeer and the rest.

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