Movie Review : Duniyadari

“Ek tujhi maajhi yaari, bhokaat geli duniyadari” – this is the essence of the movie in a single dialogue. Marathi Chitrapat industry is slowly undergoing a change. I still remember many years back, when I was whiling away my life in an engineering college, a marathi movie ‘Shwaas’ had made ripples among every movie watcher, atleast in mumbai. This was the movie everyone talked about and advised everyone to watch. Sadly, there has not been another marathi movie which matched the hoopla created since. However, there have been many movies which have bettered the content in comparison. The direction, the budget, the production value, everything has been bettered – which brings us to this movie now – Duniyadari.


The movie starts on an amazing high – it introduces you to a college in pune (in a flashback actually). There are many interesting characters – swapnil, dighya, dighya’s gang and the babes – shirin and meenu. The first half of the movie rocks – it has everything a fun movie should have. Light scenes, funny dialogues, amazing acting – everything is just right. It reminds you of your college life – how you made a best friend, how you fell in love, how you partied. Off course, it reminds you of the katta, the chai and the sutta – how that is still the most fun thing you did in life and always want to do.
Sadly, after interval, the movie suddenly becomes an over the top drama with a lot of love gone sour twists and tragedies. The movie stretches a bit too much with the love part. On top of it, it does an ‘Anand’ in the end – if you know what I mean. It basically tries to put too much into a single movie and leaves the viewer with a feeling that the movie really needs a better editor.
However, all in all, it is a very good entertainer. The actors have done an amazing job. Swapnil Joshi has done an excellent job of a simpleton in college, clutching his bag and walking lost. Then there is Ankush Chaudhary – the actor who makes this movie worth watching. Right from the scene where he enters the movie to the last, he holds his own amongst all the cast in the movie. He is effortless and plays the role like he was born in it.
The music is peppy and totally suited to the college backdrop. The costumes of the actors were a fun to watch. A must watch for all marathi cinema viewers and even for non-marathi viewers, if they can find the movie with subtitles, that is.

Our rating : 3.5 out of 5.

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