Movie Review: D-Day

I have seen a lot of movies over the years , exploiting our hatred towards Pakistan , in one way or the other , some movies through sports , and some through displaying Pakistan as a terrorist supporting country .I say , we as citizens of this country , need such movies once in a while , to vent our anger . The anger which is buried deep down in our hearts for our repeated failures to prevent acts of terror , while our leaders just come to condemn the acts of terror in the aftermath.

D-Day while being such a movie , was a whole lot different, and certainly a class above the rest. It wasn’t like our Agent Vinod , Ek tha Tiger or our fav Sunny Deols Maa Tujhe Salam, movies which we watch and come out of the theaters with our chests puffed and feeling like a pseudo patriot. D-Day , tries to stay grounded and real for most part of the movie . And though the story has taken its own cinematical liberty at some points , this was as real as a movie gets.


The plot revolves around a covert operation by 4 Indian R&AW agents to bring back India’s most wanted (You-know-Who) criminal from Pakistan.

The movie has so much happening at all times that sometimes you find it hard to keep pace with the movie. The pace and the intensity of the movie never drops  . The best part  I thought was that the timeline was so crystal clear , especially when going back and forth  . At any point of time you knew what has happening when in the movie and how that fit into the bigger picture.

Nikhil Advani could not have picked a better cast for this movie. You are blown away by the power packed performances from each and everyone of them and that’s saying something.Irfan Khan , Arjun Rampal , Huma Qureshi and Aakash Dahiya have brought their characters to life and their intensity never goes down during the course of the movie. If anything , it picks up.

Rishi Kapoor , as always with these kind of roles (remember Rauf Lala? ) , is beyond awesome. He’s got some very powerful dialogues and his mannerisms and expressions leave you amazed .

The movie does take some detours with Rudra’s(Arjun Rampaal) love story with Shruti Hasan , Rudra’s personal vendettas before and after Shruti Hasan dies. These things keep reminding that you’re watching a movie.

In the end , the movie urges people to realize that peace comes at a cost , sacrifices . Sacrifices , most of which we dont even know , never hear of and yet we choose to go on with our lives likes nothing has happened. The movie urges us to shake off our apathy and grow our patriotism beyond watching news and watching some of our beloved news anchors(the-nation-wants-to-know)  yell at politicians( my favorite part of the movie , I actually stood up and clapped 😀 ) . The ending , of course , is filmy.

Our rating :  4/5

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